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What is the Guide Portal?

The Guide Portal is an index of the guides created by various players of Astro Empires over the years. You find find guilds on pretty much any subject here and new ones are being added every week. If you have a guide why not add it to the Wiki yourself and allow others to learn from your wisdom?

We need YOUR guides!

Have your written a guide on AE? Well we want it! Add it and follow the instructions for closed guides and we'll make sure its open to the whole community!

Types of Guides

We have two types of guides on the AEWiki, those that everyone can edit and those you can just read. Guides by specific players, for example TUMs Astro Guide have been locked to prevent editing. This allows authors to place their own guides onto the wiki for everyone to see but not have them changed.

The second type is the 'open guide'. There is more than one open guide, and new ones are being added on various subjects all the time. These guides are being edited and changed by everyone and growing constantly. So whether you want to create a guide from scratch, add to the open guides or just read about AE tactics you can do it all here!

Open Guides

Closed Guides

Adding your own guide?

If your adding your own guide to the guides section there are a couple of things you must remember to do! First is the guides name, don't just call it any old thing, call it something that is recognisable to a reader immediately and put 'Guide:' at the start. This is to make it easier to stand out as a guide. Once have it written you must add the category to the bottom of it. Remember to add [[Category:Guides]] at the bottom of the page so everyone knows its a guide!

Finally you need to decide if you want it to be an open guide or a closed guide. If its open anyone can edit and expand upon it, but if its closed you want it to stay as it is. If you want it open you don't need to do anything more, but if you want it closed you must message an admin, Ikari for example via his talk page to have it locked and sign your name at the bottom so everyone knows you were the author.

Good luck!

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