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Due to reduced activity is has been decided to close this Wiki. We would recommend using the Astro Empires Wikia [1]

Although closed we will not remove this Wiki so the details saved here can still be useful to the AE Community.


What is the ASTRO EMPIRES Wiki?

AEWIKI is an online encyclopaedia for everything AE! Based on the same technology that brought us Wikipedia its free to use and anyone can add to it! Guild profiles, game guides, server information, gameplay information, political musings, war histories, its all welcome here! So what are you waiting for? Choose your subject and get editing!

If your unsure how to edit or use a Wiki Click Here. If you want to start editing see what pages need YOUR help the most below and some tips before getting started. Good luck!

Articles of focus

Articles we need help with:


05/12/12 | The Nova portal has been opened
09/06/12 | The Mira portal has been opened
03/03/12 | The Lyra portal has been opened
28/09/11 | The Ares portal has been opened
04/07/11 | The Kappa portal has been opened
08/06/11 | AEWiki is given a fresh skin!
20/11/10 | Juno Server Portal is opened!
02/06/10 | Ixion server portal is opened!
05/01/10 | AEWiki gets its 1,000th article!
20/03/10 | Helion server portal is opened
30/08/09 | AEWiki hits 1,000,000 page views
30/05/09 | Gamma Server portal is opened
13/01/09 | AEWiki hits 100,000 page views
09/01/09 | AEWiki is launched
02/12/08 | We start work on the AEWiki
00/00/00 | Old news

Top articles!

We have added our very first top article! Excellent work!
* Helion Political History

Wanna start editing? Here are some tips!

Here are some tips on starting work on AEWIKI =D If you're not sure how Click Here.

Existing articles:
* Use a spell-checker. Seriously, use one.
* Do not make major alternations to Gameplay articles without discussing it on the 'Discussion' page
* Wiki is not for personal opinion, please try to remain neutral when adding to articles. PoV should be avoided.
* Use the 'Preview' function to see if your edit will look right before saving it.
* Don't spam, don't flame. We won't tolerate abuse of the Wiki

New articles:
* Search to see if someone has already made the article!
* Don't make an article on yourself unless you are a notable player.
* When you have created a new article don't forget to categorise it! Look at the categories to decide which fits best
* Please section your article with headers, this makes it easier to read and understand.
* Don't be afraid to add a relevant image or two ;)
* Please don't add articles with nothing to do with Astro Empires. Seriously, we don't want to know about your cat.

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