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What is the Ares Server Portal?

The Ares server is the first Astro Empires rounds server, unlike other Astro Empires servers which continue on never ending Ares will be the first server to come to an end and restart. Each round has its own winners and prizes for each. Further, Ares is the first Astro Empires server to be 'pay only', a server where only upgraded players can play. It is also the long anticipated 'Speed Server' with Astro Empires mechanics operating at multiple times normal speed.

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Ares Server

Round 1: Started 25/09/2011

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The first round of the speed / rounds server started on the 25th September 2011. Round specs are listed below. The server had 260 players signed up on the third day of play which much of the community viewed as a weak start to such a highly anticipated server. The server is the first AE server to be pay only, meaning only players with upgraded accounts can play. It is hoped that with such a competitive server the equal playing field will improve combat and the intensity of the server.

Round duration: 1 month
Round start: September 24th, 17:00 (game time)
Round end: October 24th, 17:00 (game time)
Server speed: 3x
Starting credits: 300 credits
Maximum players: 4000 players
Max guild members: 20 players per guild
Entry fee: 3.99€ (Paypal)

Round 2: TBD

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